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The cake is poisoned…

The cake is poisoned…

The cake is poisoned… and sadly, we are arguing over the icing.

Thousands of horses are ‘culled’ each year because they didn’t run fast enough*. Thousands are broken down, and slaughtered because they are worked so young. In so called civilized countries, horses are still left to starve, they are still not fully protected by the law. The FEI and the governing bodies of our competitive disciplines only give welfare lip service. Horrendously tight nose-bands are the norm, rollkur is ignored, valuable horses never get to run free in a field, double bridles and spurs are sometimes compulsory. Ignorance in horse training and welfare is widespread. Our waste horses are transported over continents to be slaughtered. Pregnant mares urine is used in HRT, tens of thousands of foals (byproducts of the PMU industry) are sent to slaughter. Here in the Uk the Princess Royal suggests publicly that we should eat horses… surely encouraging a new ‘industry’, another animal to factory farm.

Horses are commodities to be used and abused, and I could go on (and on!)… as there are many, many more (accepted or ignored) outrageous abuses of horses. But my point is this…

People who genuinely care about horse welfare are arguing with each other. What one person well meaning person thinks is ‘right’ may well be vastly different from another well meaning person’s views, but we need to look for our similarities.  We may well be at different places on a journey, and maybe we are all looking for a slightly different destination.. but we are all going in the same direction.

The enemy is out there, and they don’t need to divide and conquer.. we are doing the dividing bit all on our own.  There is so much work to be done to truly ‘make a difference to horses’, please… lets look for what binds us together.

Lets find ways to work TOGETHER for the greater good of the horse.

*Also See Lies, Damn Lies, Statistics, and Horse Slaughter by