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Spiritual coaching is about being present, being light, clearing a space inside of you for your client, giving energy, & listening. It is about allowing the force to be with you, or trusting your intuition, or trusting your instincts, or trusting the angels, or giving up control with absolute certainty & trust that your good intent will guide you.

As a ‘client-led’ life-coach, one has to aspire to a certain level of ‘through~me’, leading from a place of love, & believing that the client has the answers for themselves.  As a horse or rider trainer, I don’t believe that it is possible to ‘tune into’ either the horse or the rider, without listening to your heart, & that it is the mechanical & ego based training that has done (& is still doing) so much damage both physically & mentally to our horses.

Through Me

  • In his model of the level’s of consciousness, Shore Slocum describes ‘through~me’ as the point beyond ‘By~Me’. This is when we lighten the ego & give up control; this is when we stop ‘making it happen’, & start to ‘allow it to happen’.
  • Through me, is about getting out of the head and into the heart, acting from instinct, trusting that love will always leads in the right direction, & that, having sought the knowledge, the right questions & answers will come from the sub~conscious, the inner light, or a higher power will be present & working through them.








For interest

  • The person who is a ‘To~Me’ is a victim, things happen ‘to’ them and they have no choice or responsibility. Something or someone made it happen to them, & something or someone made them feel that way. In order to move to ‘By~Me’ a ‘To~Me’ has to give up the blame.
  • Of course, the greatest examples of ‘As~Me’ are Jesus, The Buddha & the Prophet Muhammad . At this level, everything is as one. These great leaders see themselves in others, there is no judgement, there is no separateness.

‘When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.’ William Arthur Ward

  Giving Energy

  • As a coach this may be seen as an important skill to master, as giving someone energy without having to say a word has got to be a great start!
  • If you focus your attention on something you can fix your intention to direct your energy to it. Thoughts are energy. Think loving thoughts, when you look at someone, their energy levels increase, think nasty thoughts then their energy levels drop. This works to such an extent that when muscle tested, the person who is sent love is strong, and the person who is sent bad thoughts is weak.
  • Just by thinking good thoughts about a person they feel good, they feel strong, good intent may be enough to give energy, and therefore to give strength.

The horse can also be our spiritual teacher.

“How do we train for a journey of spiritual transformation alone? The truth is we need a spiritual coach, a sensei to teach us – to show us how to focus our attention & to demonstrate how to live in the present & how to achieve Zen like tranquillity. We need a teacher to show us how to see ourselves – not just with heightened objectivity but also with greater forgiveness. For that job there is a master: a sage who can teach any willing student the way. That sage is the horse.”    Allan J Hamilton MD

Helping others meets our spiritual need to grow & contribute; & it is through love that a spiritual coach/teacher/trainer endeavors to serve.  I find these thoughts beautiful, and something to strive for.

‘I believe you came into the world to accomplish something, & not something small or insignificant. That’s not worthy of you. You came here to make a major contribution to life on this planet.’ Paul Solomon